Business and carrier

We at AKTIDO are guided by a saying that successful company is made by successful people, and therefore we take care of the our employees, brand and quality of our services with equal care.
When choosing candidates for our team, we use a modern psychological approach that enables us to bring the best of the best in our team. Our doors are always open to highly motivated people who believe they can contribute to achieving a common goal. We continuously improve our business and therefore in our successful team we want to include young and ambitious employees looking for new knowledge.

We expect dynamic people who are prone to teamwork, with expressed work ethic, integrity, flexibility, organizational skills. Readiness for personal and professional development, and loyalty to the company are also important criteria for the selection of new employees.

Education in AKTIDO takes a special place.
We are one of the few companies that constantly educates our employees and takes care of their long-term development. Within the Human Resources Department we have employed internal trainers, whose basic function is education of our employees throughout the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our employees attend professional seminars, trainings and conferences, go for additional training and education.
We are particularly proud of the fact that we are conducting an internal promotion, where we improve our employees by rewarding their efforts and commitment, as well as the ambitions for advancement within the company.

Our workers are the foundation of our success. We are constantly investing in our own improvement.
We are always looking for highly motivated people who are oriented towards success and who love to work in good business. If you think that you would made our team complete, please send us your CV to and our recruiters will contact you shortly.
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