What is a kapara (down payment)?
Kapara is the contracted amount of money with which buyer guarantees that in the expected period of time he will buy the property, and the seller will sell the property to him according to the pre-arranged conditions. Kapara serves as insurance for both sides of the eventual changes in the buying process. If the buyer withdraws from the purchase, the seller keeps the agreed amount, and if the seller gives up the sale, then he returns the double amount to the buyer.

What is the ownership documentation?
Ownership documentation is a document by which the owner of the real estate shows his rights over the real estate. The ownership documentation is: KPU extract, purchase agreement, gift contract, life support agreement, inheritance decision ...

What is a listing contract?
This is a contract that regulates the rights and obligations between of the contracting parties (real estate broker and an owner of real property).
The listing contract, in addition to the rights and obligations between of the contracting parties, must include identification information of the contracting parties, and the type and essential elements of the legal transaction for the purpose of the contract, the commision amount, the terms of payment, the validity period of the contract and the type and the cost of additional services if they are contracted.

What should I do to get my apartment on your website?
You need to contact our Agency by phone or e-mail which you can find on our website, after which our employees will direct and guide you through all the steps, starting from the conclusion of the listing contract until the realization of the legal transaction.

I do not like your listing contract. Can we conclude a mediation contract that my lawyer has drafted?
The contracts that the Agency concludes with their clients are typed (pre-defined) and can not be changed according to the wishes of each client.
On the other hand, our agents are always there to explain to you any provision of the contract that is not clear to you. We are also ready to hear all of your suggestions and if we consider that we can improve our services, it is a great opportunity to change the listing contracts in the future in accordance with them. In this way, by listening to the advice of our clients, the contracts we are currently using have been created.

Why is your voice mail alerting me that a conversation can be recorded? Can I use your services without it?
The notice you hear when you call our call center, that the conversation can be recorded, is the result of our business commitment to do business transparently and to have no secrets to our customers.
AKTIDO Agency records conversations with the users of the Agency's services exclusively with one purpose, which is to improve the quality of services. It is very important for us in AKTIDO to see where we made a mistake and where we could be better, in order to correct this in the future and make you a more satisfied user of our services.
Additionally, in recorded telephone conversations, if you have a listing contract with us, you can give us various additional authorizations, in accordance with the provisions of the listing contract.

The apartment is in the process of registration. May I sell it through you?
Real estate that is not entered (registered) in the land registry can also be subject to traffic and it is possible to sell them. However, these real estate is more difficult to sell and seling cost is lower do to fact of complicated process of transfering the ownership rights to the new owner.
Before signing any listing contract, our Agency carries out an analysis of the ownership documentation and on that occasion inform the client about the state of the ownership documentation. If it is established that such documentation is in a condition that the buyer could not be registered as the owner on the basis of the same, or that it would cause him great difficulty in registering his rights, the Agency will not mediate the sale of such property.

How much does a notary service cost when buying an apartment?

The notary fee is determined according to the value of the legal transaction, or in the specific case the fee depends on the purchase price of the property, and in accordance with the "Notary Tariff" determined by the Notary Chamber. The amount of expenses is notarized in each individual case. For this reason, the most reliable way to determine how much the notariy service will be is to request this information from the Notary who will do the same.

I bought an apartment, what next should I do?

After you have paid off the sales price to the seller of the real estate, it is left to take a few more steps.
In order to make your apartment your own, you need to register a ownership change in the land registers. This is done by submitting a request for a change in the land register, together with the supporting documentation.
One of the pre-requisites for the change in the land registers is the payment of the tax on the real estate turnover.
For all these activities, we recommend the engagement of the Agency or the attorney, since it is action that will be most easily and effectively performed by a person who is expert in their performance.

I would buy an apartment through a bank loan. What should I do?
First of all, you need to select a bank whose loan terms suit you the most. In order to save you time and money, our Agents are always well informed on loan terms with commercial banks.
Contact our agents and ask for free information.
After checking your credit rating with the Bank, i.e. the ability to obtain a loan and find the appropriate property it requires that you complete the sales agreement with the seller. With this contract and the required documentation about the property which you are buying, submit a request to the Bank for granting a loan.
If the real estate you are buying is also a loan security, upon the approval of a loan, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the seller and the bank about the pledge right (mortgage), after which the bank will, according to your order, pay the price of the property to the seller.
All of the above is a very concise overview of the steps you need to take when buying a flat on a loan.

What is „clausula intabulandi“ and why do I need it?
Clausula Intabulandi is a provision of a contract for the sale of real estate on the basis of which the buyer is registered in the land registry as its new owner. This provision is the approval to you as new owner, from the previous owner, to register your self as a new owner of real estate in the land registry.
Often this approval is granted even under certain conditions, which primarily concern the receipt of the total price paid for the purchased real estate.

When, after buying an apartment, the utility bills go on my behalf?

When you bought an apartment, whether you were registered as a new owner or not, the bills (electricity, telecommunication, cable services, utilities ...) will not automatically go to your name and will continue to be read on previous owner.
Therefore, after signing the sales contract, with a copy of it, it is necessary to get to the nearest branch of the competent service and file an application for changing the name of the service user.

I would like tosell my apartment through you, but soon I will travel abroad, where I will stay for a longer period. Is there a chance to authorize somebody to do everything for me?
Yes, it is possible that another person is authorized to conclude a listing contract on your behalf and for your account, as well as a contract for the sale of a property.
You must give this authority thru the Notary, where you will precisely define when and under which conditions another person can take actions on your behalf, such as actions related to listing contract, showing the property to potential buyers, negotiating with them about the terms of the sale, acceptance of the down payment, signing a sales contract and similar ...

Why do I need to legitimize your employees when looking at real estate?

We at AKTIDO want to ensure the maximum level of safety and reliability for our clients. When we take you into a property that you have found on our web portal and expressed the desire to look at it, we are obliged to give the owner of this property information who is the person we brought to him on the door.
We believe that you would not feel comfortable if we show your apartment to the unknown people about whom you do not know anything.
Since you, as a buyer of real estate, do not sign any contract with the Agency and do not charge you our services, the only way to know who you are is to legitimize.

Why should your representative attend a property tour? Is it easier to give me the phone number of owner to contact him?
This is something impossible. It is necessary to differentiate the advertising of the real estate from the mediation service. When we provide a mediation service to the customer, our task is to find a potential buyer according to customer*s order and bring him in line with it.
Therefore, it is a complex service that includes a whole range of actions which need to be taken before the legal transaction is concluded (a sales contract).